Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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MVA 9/24/10 RT 13 & LORETTA

  On 9/24/10 at 11:01 Wicomico central alerted Frutiland (sta 3) for MVA on Rt 13 in the area of Eden Allen Rd. PM B-3 advised central nothing found at reported site, but would continue to check. PM B-3 arrived on scene at PM B-3 arrived on scene at Rt. 13 and Loretta Rd and advised it was involving a motorcycle. Rescue Engine 302 arrived on scene and 3-26 established command and advised traffic 3 to shut down shoulder and slow lane. Command was advised 2 refusals no transport. Situation was place under control at 11:24. All units cleared at 11:54.

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