Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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House Fire 11/01/10


    On Monday Nov 1st 2010 Wicomico Central alerted station's 3(Fruitland), 1(Salisbury), and 15(Allen) for a reported structure fire on 300 block of N. Dulany Ave. PM B-3 arrived on location and advised working fire and setup rehab. Engine 301 arrived on location 3-18 established N. Dulany Ave. command. Engine 301s crew initiated fire suppression with 1 3/4 line through front door. Salisbury Truck one arrived on scene and set up on side A. Truck 1s crew setup ladders and started ventilation. RE 302s crew pulled 2nd line to 2nd floor. Engine 1s crew setup lights and assisted interior crews. Engine Tanker 1503 and Squad 15 setup lights and setup RIT crew on A and B corner. Fire was out and situation was placed under control at 20:30. Units remained on scene for overhaul. Crews assisted Fire Marshall. Units cleared scene around 22:17.

Units On Scene: Engine 301, Rescue Engine 302, Traffic 3, PM B-3, Engine 1, Truck 1, Engine Tanker 15, Squad 15, FM 93, Fruitland PD, and American Red Cross.

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