Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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MVA W/ Rescue 11/14/10




 On November 14, 2010 at 20:37 Wicomico EOC alerted Stations 3(Fruitland) and 16(Salibury) for a MVA w/ Recue w/ Rollover on the Salisbury Bypass in the South Bound lane. Rescue 16 arrived on location confirmed entrapment 18c established bypass command until RE 302 arrival. Re 302 arrived onlocation 3-16 assumed Bypass command 18c had operations. Salisbury EMS secured pt inside during extrication. Rescue 16 and RE 302s crew worked together to get vehicle stabilized. RE 302 had one 1 3/4 line in service. After vehicle was stabilized crews utilized Rescue 16s tools to flap roof. At this time Pt was placed on backboard and transported to PRMC Priority 1. Situation was placed undercontrol at 21:13. All units cleared scene at 21:45.


Units on Scene: RE 302, Traffic 3, Sq3, PM A-3, Recuse 16, MSP, and Hastings Towing.






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